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CPNA provides a full design, specify, install & commission service to event organisers and theatres


Its Director, Paul Nicholson, has 40 years experience in designing event lighting and has recently received commissions for permanent event lighting in theatres and churches. Paul has also been technical director for the Richmond Shakespeare Society annual outdoor summer show for 14 years.


CPNA projects include high profile exhibition lighting in a church and permanent performance lighting for churches and theatres. 



  • Temporary event lighting design, install & commissioning

  • Permanent event lighting design, install & commissioning

  • Design & installation in listed building interiors

  • Wedding lighting design & install services

  • Temporary & permanent lighting design consultation


  • All Hallows Church: Arabella Dorman exhibition lighting

  • St Mary's church: permanent event lighting

  • Normansfield theatre: permanent event lighting. Numerous projects

  • Weddings event lighting

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