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CPNA provides early design consultancy to the education sector.


Its Director, Paul Nicholson, has 35 years experience helping schools and universities plan and upgrade their accommodation to meet changing educational requirements and better deliver learning environments.


CPNA projects include University Maths centre remodelling & upgrade, feasibility studies for three primary schools and draft proposals for a new special needs school including designing and running a client and users consultation workshop.


  • New schools feasibility studies

  • Client and user consultation workshops

  • Refurbishment and expansion proposals

  • Space auditing & proposals, informed by timetables & room scheduling

  • University facilities remodelling & upgrade


  • Confidential client: primary school new build proposals

  • Confidential client: remodelling of office accommodation to new primary school

  • Confidential client: remodelling of event hall & new build 'house' clusters  for new primary school

  • Stepping Stones: outline concept for new special needs secondary school

  • Stepping Stones: design & run client & users consultation workshop

  • QMUL: Maths centre remodelling & extension

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