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Centre for cellular and molecular Physiology, University of Oxford, concept sketch (Anshen Dyer)


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serving the science, technology & education sectors

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UPDATE June 2015


CPNA has recently been working on projects in Cambridge,  North Carolina and Teeside.

It continues to offer strategic architectural consultancy to the science community and to pursue the symbiosis of BIM with offsite manufacture. There is no doubt that architecture in this sector is flourishing but every pound and hour must count, and will be, in the efficient design and construction of new and remodelled facilities. This is particularly true where budgets for research and budgets for construction compete for the same pot. This only helps to hone our abilities to create world class, efficient, stimulating and productive research environments.


If these are your goals too we will be happy to talk to you further.

The science and technology, research & development sector is facing significant challenges. The rate of change in scientific discovery, technology and development is startling, driving the need for responsive research environments. The EMEA region is rich in world-class talent for research and discovery and for it to continue to deliver world-class science it needs world-class facilities. Facilities that attract and retain the best staff, that provide a stimulating environment conducive to research, collaboration, interaction and innovation and flexible enough to respond to a dynamic lifecycle. 

Paul Nicholson has twenty-five years experience working with clients in the science, technology and education sectors to help develop and realise their vision for world-class research and teaching facilities. It is with this background and vision that CPNA has been established.  

Previous projects...

Eight projects completed to date. 2013 has been a great start for CPNA with projects in Belgium, Germany and the UK. I would like to thank all my patrons that have contributed to the development of the practice and look forward to working with you again in the new year and welcoming new clients and partners in the pusuit of

                                   architecture for science and education

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Proposal for Primary School in West London comprising 640m2 remodelled accommodation and 850m2 new build. CPNA
GSK B9, 12,000 m2 laboratory, Hertfordshire UK. Paul Nicholson led design from inception, client briefing, concept design to completion. (Lend Lease)
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