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CPN  Architects, CPNA, delivers architectural solutions to the


Its director, Paul Nicholson, has 40 years experience helping international clients through briefing, analysis, vision and concept design to delivery of world-class science and research facilities.

More recently CPNA’s portfolio has expanded to include learning environments from Primary to University level,  performance lighting and theatres, working with clients to develop and realise their vision for new facilities and capabilities.

If you have a project or even just an idea in any of these sectors I would be delighted to discuss with you further to help realise your vision.


Paul Nicholson RIBA FRSA

Workig with You

Working with You

With experience of working with world-class companies, universities and theatres to help them realise opportunities and vision in their facilities and sites, CPNA will work with you at the very front end of project definition and briefing to explore potential solutions. Often, innovation comes from a thorough analysis of the constraints and opportunities and then the freedom of thought to propose solutions.

Where necessary CPNA can draw upon engineers, cost, validation and regulatory consultants to augment its service.

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Laboratory space planning, designing to accommodate change and improving the interaction on a site by creating a campus for science are all services that Paul Nicholson has delivered for previous clients.

CPNA builds on this experience by offering early-stage strategic design, brief preparation, site master planning, project scoping and concept design to:

  • the pharmaceutical sector

  • the bio-medical sector

  • the science and technology sector

  • the nuclear sector

  • research councils

  • public research bodies

  • the primary and secondary education sector

  • the university sector

  • theatres

  • churches



Plan of



Strategic Definition ​


Preparation & Brief


Concept Design


Developed Design

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CPNA clients include:

  • GSK

  • Roche

  • Bayer

  • Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnology

  • University of Cambridge

  • University of Bath

  • University of Kingston

  • Queen Mary University London

  • Normansfield Theatre, Teddington

  • The Mary Wallace Theatre, Twickenham

  • Thorington Theatre, Suffolk

  • The Richmond Shakespeare Society

  • United Reformed Church, Hampton Hill

  • St Mary’s Church Twickenham

  • Jack & Jill Schools, West London

  • Stepping Stones School, Handheld

  • Arup


  • M+W GmbH

  • Scitech

  • Kendall Kingscott

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